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About Riot

The beginning of Riot was a thought about live professional wrestling again in Brevard County. After the Sunray Pro Wrestling days, there was not much wrestling in Brevard. The emotion of wrestling never leaves once you own your own Indy promotion.
Should I do it again? Lots of work! Have to use my friends again for  help.  Need to set up chairs, sell food and tee shirts, hang posters around Palm Bay and Melbourne. Thanks to Richard and his family for 13 years.
After you decide yes!
First comes the name, lots of thought goes through you brain, what should I call it? It is an "it" until the name is picked and digested over and over. Has it been used before? Can the name be shortened to just letters like WWE? 
Riot Pro Wrestling, new name, sounds tough, sounds violent enough for wrestling fans.
Where are we having an event? Need a building with high ceiling, lots of parking, cheap and good location. Months of looking, first event at the Palm Bay Hotel in May, 2013. Then Titusville, back to Palm Bay (different location), then Melbourne, then Merritt Island, then Cocoa and now Wickham Park Community Center in Melbourne.
Promoting wrestling and maybe other types of events takes a lot of time and money. Events scheduled and cancelled and scheduled again.
Now we are fans of Riot Pro Wrestling - WE ARE RIOT!!
Gary Cooper